just my age

The boys received Bogs for Christmas.  We love these boots.  They are waterproof, easy for a little one to slip on, and keep their feet warm up to, or down to, -30 degrees.  I haven’t had one boot… Read More

He can’t see me

Upon tuck-ins with Hunter (8) and Isaac (3.5) at 9:50 this evening…. Mom:  Boys, you can’t both sleep together in the crib tonight.  Tomorrow’s a school day, and we need to get to sleep. (Hunter climbs out of… Read More

stinky tree

Praises and worship to the Savior have echoed throughout the house today, the music is ringing.  Christmas decorations were brought out.  I love this time of year.  Today marks the first day of Advent calender. Ving was really… Read More

I’m a big boy now

He’s done it.  Or not done it. I suppose it depends how you look at it. Actually no Depends, and no more size six.  No more three kiddos in diapers. He is the earliest completely trained Salisbury boy… Read More

in Jesus name, amen.

Isaac:  “Eden Grace, do you want me to read you my Bible?” Mom:  “I’m sure she’d love that!” Isaac: “In Jesus name, amen. In Jesus name, amen.  In Jesus name, amen.” And off he went. All day, all… Read More