JBQ State Finals

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:14 Junior Bible Quiz meet in Binghamton was again an amazing experience. We returned for our second year to the NY… Read More

i’m not tired

I purpose to have a quiet hour each afternoon. Isaac often states, “But I’m not tired.” Tiredness is not required for quiet hour.   Quiet is required for quiet hour, while each person quiets into their own space for… Read More

laundry surfing

Laundry surfing – it’s a dangerous sport! Grandma sent new sunglasses for the big kids from Florida.  They are the really cool kind,  with mirror lenses. Isaac decided to borrow the sunglasses,  and surf and slide on laundry… Read More

random gifts …

my husband-pastor leading awesome home church (while ill) little girlfriend hair cuts in the kitchen, by a sweet friend daddy teaching  Biggies to bring requests reverently before the Lord yogurt faces and chairs fresh pencils erasers, and brothers… Read More

gifts: BlendTec & green smoothies

Hubby and I don’t normally give Christmas gifts to one another, but this year we purchased a group gift, a BlendTec, for ourselves.  We’ve been needing a blender for awhile, and are so excited to finally be able… Read More