Heaven Day

Tucker’s Heaven Day… Big chunky snowflakes and 12 inches of snowstorm, a gift for me from God. Thank you, Jesus. Seven years ago, as we loaded an ambulance amidst death and suffocating tragedy, the sun shone brightly and… Read More

another year closer…

  …to our reunion!!! Seven years ago today, I mothered, loved, and enjoyed my sweet Tucker for the last day, while Salisbaby4 grew inside me. To imagine Tucker here, amongst this Salisbury brood –  lifts a smile.  “What… Read More

Self Portrait : P52

P52 for last week was Self Portrait.   I confess, I didn’t do it.   For one, it was a crazy week with the pukes.    And for two, it was a difficult assignment.  My idea was to capture Judah… Read More

another Tucker Day

February 8th.  Again. and again. and again.  Six years. Tucker’s Move to Heaven Day, or Death Day. There will always be a person missing.  When I count heads in the van, set the table for dinner, make reservations,… Read More

made with love : P52

February 8th, 2006, my sweet Tucker moved to Heaven.   The following day, I was supposed to attend a girls’ night out with girlfriends at a local Color Me Mine pottery store.  Some ladies still gathered, and made me… Read More