5/22/13 – Zion Valor

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Zion Valor Salisbury made his intense arrival at 12:05 am, Wednesday May 22nd. 7#2oz. Amazing miracle and gift … So grateful. Working hard with constant nursing to fight low blood sugar… Read More

God’s plans … not mine

I stated a few weeks ago that my scheduled induction for May 17th was man’s best plans, unless God showed otherwise. I imagined ‘otherwise’ to reveal an earlier birthdate. Today, baby8 is still cooking. I feel really done…. Read More

NINETEEN days!!!

‘ The days of waiting seem harder with each baby. In one moment, usually the morning hours, with my long to-do list before me, I’m not so eager. Yet The evening moments like now, I struggle with pain,… Read More

1SE App 2013 : January, February, & March

I am enjoying the  1SE App –  One Second Everyday.   It still has bugs to work out, but thus far I have been able to record one second daily of our life, and I am amazed at… Read More

10 days

I’m posting this update for all you loving peoples that are asking and wondering… Ten days post-op, and struggling here. The doctor predicted 6-8 weeks of recovery, but I guess we didn’t totally believe him. We had hoped… Read More